The best thing to do is to check the mechanism. Since it is not directly visible, many times they are not copied perfectly to 100%. In order to verify its authenticity, you can 'control mechanism with a magnifying glass and compare it with some photos of original timepieces.

But why are Rolex & Co so expensive, especially if the production of fake ones is so cheap?

Obviously when you buy this type of watches, you pay only for the material and workmanship. In fact, if you buy a Rolex, Breitling or Cartier, you pay for the name they carry, for the kind of life they represent and the merchandising behind them.

It also pays for years of experience, innovation and development, the standard of quality 'very high, high-quality materials, precision manufacturing, and for the long term.

Obviously, only with an original watch you can contact the studio and get help for any need, from repair, overhaul, cleaning.



And just because you believe that no one will notice the difference between a watch that is worth tens of thousands of Euros and a copy bought in the bazaar, this does not mean that your friends or colleagues if they could not notice it and snigger.

A status symbol that is only when it is really so, and when one if they can 'afford.

So if you want to buy a Rolex but do not have enough money, what solutions are there?

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First of all, you do not need to be the latest model just released, you can 'look for a clock second hand.

Many stores and websites specialize in the sale and purchase of second-hand luxury watches. These watches are in perfect working order and used reconditioned; and of course they are much cheaper new model releases.

Since the Rolex or Breitling models do not change every year, it's easy to find models close to the ones made 10 or 20 years ago. 

But then how do you know when a watch is fake?

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